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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Your Office?

Do you sometimes wonder why two employees who both seemed promising when they were hired do their jobs so differently now? When you hired them, you might have thought of them as twins, since they appeared to be identical in their career aspirations, their training and their experience. But since the two came on board, they couldn't have been more different - almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Let's call them J and H. You could not be happier with J, as he performs with consistent excellence each day. As a manager, he is responsible for keeping his team focused and productive. His meetings always have an agenda. They begin and end on time. He keeps his door open to employees – which could mean that he is socializing instead of working. But that is not the case. He always meets his project deadlines, and so do those he supervises. He eagerly learns new skills and arranges appropriate training for his direct reports. His work sets the standard you want everyone to meet.

H came into your organization at the same time and has similar responsibilities to J. But you've heard frequent reports of uncompleted projects, and your investigation shows you that virtually every time, they are H's projects. Meanwhile, the accounting department is frequently clamoring for paperwork that he has not completed. He says he does not have it, but you wonder how he could know. His desk is a mess, covered by piles of paper. This apparently does not matter, because you can never find H there anyway. He manages to disappear whenever you are hunting for him.

Perhaps H has other problems and would not do well at any job in your organization. But it could be that his poor performance is just a matter of not fitting well into the job. Had you used ProfileXT® job match patterns when hiring J and H, and paid attention to their scores, you likely would not have hired H. Or perhaps you would have found a more suitable position for him in some other part of the business.

ProfileXT uses job patterns to determine the fit of a candidate for a job. These patterns are designed to reflect the characteristics of those who have proved effective in the job.

Here is what the ProfileXT® Job Match Pattern does:           

If you are tired of wondering why you have both Jekylls and Hydes in the office, end the guesswork. Call us.

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