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What We Do - Fit First

If the fit’s not right, nothing else matters.
You’ve seen it time and again, maybe even in your own company. Someone with a great background and all the experience and credentials in the world, simply not able to deliver what was needed. Not because they were a slouch or they didn’t want to deliver… but something else was out.

Backed by hard evidence
The cause-and-effect relationship between fit, employee engagement, and business results is well documented by a mass of research over the last fifteen years by companies much smarter than us in that field.

Measure what matters
Simply stated, the most reliable predictor of business results is the level of engagement is to hire people who are likely to be engageable in the realities of the environment they are going into, by paying close attention to the four critical aspects of fit:

Fish where the fish are
A funny thing dawned on us as we watched our clients’ success in the early days… by screening applicants for fit first and then checking the resume, they actually started attracting better candidates.

Makes sense when you think about it – solid, reliable performers generally don’t take the time to keep their résumé current; they rarely look for work because they are too busy being productive.

By leading with fit, our clients found themselves in conversation with a very different segment of the applicant pool – folks with non-traditional backgrounds or those who simply didn’t have the ‘right’ keywords in their résumé, who they would never have looked at previously. And, predictably, they found that all too often, if you find a person who’s a strong fit and there happens to be a gap in their knowledge or experience, the knowledge gap is generally pretty easy to fill. 

The old maxim, “Hire for Attitude, Train Whatever” is proven true.

And the benefits really start to cascade when clients start leaning on these new hires who Fit, for referrals. In no time, they start connecting with entire pools of people who share their standards, their attitudes, and their values.

Linking your People to your P&L
As a business leader, you’re responsible for establishing the company’s vision and direction, and then to break that into the building blocks of strategies and tactics that will get you there. That much you can control. Where you lose control, and where you become most vulnerable, is execution.

That’s the variable that CEOs tell us keeps them up at night: does the organization have the capacity to deliver on the plan?

Successful execution, of course, is predicated on having the right people in the right roles, focused on the right things.

We have an app for that. 

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