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Judge us by the company we keep. Please.
When you begin hiring for fit, your business naturally starts to change. Standards go up, energy rises, results improve… and customers are happier.

Along the way, you’ll learn things about your people and your organization that you didn’t know you didn’t know. One of our clients referred to it as their Knowledge Chain Reaction. We liked that term, so we use it.

Some of these things that you uncover will need attention. You may already have folks you work with; if so, please carry on. If not, we’ve been very deliberate about surrounding ourselves with a small number of trusted partners who share our fit first approach and who do great work:

Engagient - Specialists in measuring employee engagement to identify the issues impacting organizational performance across the company.  Once the assessment is completed, Engagient works with the leadership of the company to identify priorities for change and develop solutions to the issues identified.

FOCUS Management - For more than 20 years, we have worked with leaders to improve business results by facilitating great execution of what matters most in their organizations – in short, by making sure the really important things get done, and done well.

Our services include Strategy Alignment (achieving strategic clarity, alignment and commitment), Organization Alignment (creating personal ownership and commitment to action at the individual level) and Execution Management (making sure that plans are translated into action and then managed through to successful completion).

Our clients include Fortune 500, publicly held corporations, mid-sized business and smaller, owner-managed and family enterprises. Some have recognizable names, like Sobeys, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Moen and Thermos. We are equally proud to have worked with companies like Mattina Mechanical, Atria Networks, Keilhauer and Con Cast Pipe.

Operating out of the Greater Toronto Area, FOCUS provides services to clients throughout Canada and the United States, and we have completed a number of engagements in Mexico and the UK.

ODV & Associates - People Management Solutions featuring ATOMS software.  A powerful and flexible management tool that helps achieve business objectives through workforce management and resource planning.

The Human Well - The Human Well offers an affordable, individualised source of H.R. advice and consultation for organizations of all sizes, across all industries and continents.  With impressive knowledge of the mining & resource sector in Africa, Asia, North and South America, The Human Well applies expertise and unique global H.R. knowledge across the Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Services industries also.

McKinley Solutions Exchange- McKinley Solutions Exchange Inc, established in 2003, partners with leading for profit and non-profit organizations and associations by providing innovations and solutions that attract, hire, train and retain the right people… their most valuable resources.

Our core services focus on teamwork, leadership, communication and employee attraction, engagement and retention through a suite of talent management solutions.

McKinley is a Canadian-based organization servicing national and international clients from our principal offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, and coming soon to Ottawa. More information about McKinley and its lead consultants can be found at

 The McKinley organization is comprised of professionals from across Canada focused on facilitation, instructional design, event planning and logistics. Each client and each project receives a client manager for the project and all correspondence is handled one-on-one through that client manager. Our bilingual facilitation team works closely with the client manager to ensure no detail is missed. Clients have the opportunity to request and interview facilitators to help ensure fit for the audience.

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