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Adding Muscle To Your Customer Service

True or false? All employees should flex their customer service muscles, even those who do not wear the job title.

The answer is "true," of course, but the reality is that some workers are more inclined than others are to see customer service as part of their job. It is also true that each organization must clearly define what customer service means to that organization, then strive to recruit, hire and develop workers who match the definition.

The Customer Service Profile™ can help.

A well-rounded definition of customer service includes several universal ingredients: attention to detail, consistent performance, a helpful attitude that includes a smile. From there, a company needs to define other elements that pertain specifically to its operation. This might include everything from the basics – how employees answer the telephones – to the more complicated – how much freedom an employee has to solve problems on the spot, without seeking supervisory approval.

With such a definition in place, CSP™ can aid in the recruitment and selection of employees who match the organization's standards. It can also shine a spotlight on the areas where the company would benefit from coaching.

Communicating what good customer service looks likes is easier if you hire people with the right attitudes. This is where the CSP™ provides invaluable help by assessing the beliefs and customer service proficiency of both current employees and job candidates. This gives you important information you need to hire people with the skills you desire, improve training in a vital area and broadcast the message that every employee has a role to play in customer service.

CSP™ measures such characteristics as tact, trust, empathy, conformity, focus and flexibility. It also assesses skill level in vocabulary and mathematics. It measures how each person’s perspective on serving customers aligns with the organization’s policies and attitudes.

With Customer Service Profile™, you receive four types of reports:


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