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Hiring Tools help Healthcare Firm gain Sustainable Competitive Advantage

To ensure high productivity and low turnover in the workplace, make sure your employees fit the requirements of their jobs. Sounds simple enough, right? Yet both employees and employers often flounder in this area. Dazzled by salary or benefits or something else, potential employees cannot always discern if a job is a good match for them. Employers sometimes hire using their best instincts – and make decisions that turn out to be their worst.  

A healthcare organization faced just such decision-making uncertainty when it sought to improve the low productivity of its enrollment specialists. Seeking a way to increase the frequency of hiring workers that excelled on the job, the organization turned to the ProfileXT®.

The study included 60 enrollment specialists. Leaders administered ProfileXT and evaluated each employee's performance using a five-point scale, with a five being the best rating. The results:

Job Match Pattern
Using a concurrent study format, experts then developed a Job Match Pattern for the position of enrollment specialist. The 13 employees who exceeded expectations helped formulate the pattern.  Leaders then put the Job Match Pattern side-by-side with the 60 enrollment specialists. They reviewed the sample’s ProfileXT percent matches, and decided that an overall Job Match Percent of 78 or higher best identified top performing employees. They selected 78 percent as the score to represent a good pairing of employee to the Job Match Pattern.

The study determined that 34 met or exceeded the 78 percent benchmark. Of those:

The pattern thus differentiated top and bottom performers as delineated by the company’s own performance evaluations.

Using the ProfileXT has allowed the organization to screen enrollment specialist candidates with success. Of the 34 people who either met or exceeded the Job Match Pattern benchmark, only two, or 5.8 percent, were bottom performers. Additionally, approximately 70 percent of the top performers (nine of 13) were included in this group.

Company leaders believe their hiring practices have become more consistent after using the ProfileXT. They face their hiring decisions with more confidence because they know the PXT offers them an objective evaluation of employee attributes. Clearly, using the ProfileXT Job Match Pattern can help improve selection practices and help you gain sustainable competitive advantage.



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