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Resumes Are Bad for Recruitment

How effectively are résumés helping us match talent with opportunity? Let's take a look:


80% of the workforce is in some stage of disengagement with their work...
rendering an estimated 23% of payroll dollars non-productive.

Only 14% of the workforce are in roles that draw from their strengths
most of the time.

In a recent survey, well over 90% of senior HR Officers believed their workforce was unprepared to deliver on company goals and meet the competitive challenges

Conflict, especially with the immediate supervisor,
is the leading cause of turnover

Lack of depth is crippling organizations, placing continuity at risk
- 1/3 of all workers under 35 are in the first year with their current employer

The statistics are irrefutable. The conclusion is inescapable. The tools and the approaches we've relied upon in matching talent with opportunity are broken.

Résumés are dead. They have been at the foundation of the hiring process for over 50 years, yet the information they contain - education, credentials and work experience - are the least reliable predictors of how long someone will stay with your organization and how productive they will be.

What factors are reliable predictors of engagement, retention and productivity? The four critical aspects of fit.

Fit is a necessary prerequisite to engagement, and high levels of engagement set the stage for sustained, superior business performance. Fit is the leading indicator; the sustainable competitive advantage is the outcome.

The most reliable way to secure the business performance outcomes you want is to ensure you are managing the leading indicators. You wouldn't leave your results to chance... would you? Fit doesn't just happen; it's the result of a carefully tuned business process.


Hiring Myth #8

chartMyth #8: The quickest and surest way to gain an advantage over my competition is to hire away their top performers. Their loss is my gain.

Unseen bias and discrimination exists - even in HR

magnifying classYou are more likely to land a job interview if your name is John Martin or Emily Brown rather than Lei Li or Tara Singh. Even if two candidates have the identical education and work experience,those w...

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