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It’s all in the relationship
We can’t stress enough that our work with our clients is not event-driven; it can’t be. Magic wands and pixie dust aren’t real world. Mastering the use of fit takes time – first, to uncover what the right fit is (and isn’t) in your organization, then to use it as a driver of business performance. It’s not something we can possibly focus on together for a month, then disappear – we need to be in it together for the long haul… and reserve the right to get smarter as we go along.

A partnership is never really a partnership… unless of course it is one
We work hard to earn your trust. However, if your organization has a tendency to manage vendors by keeping them at arms length and restricting  open collaboration and the sharing of relevant information, then please do us both a favour and call someone else.
We can only be effective in generating results when we work together as full partners in your success - which by default means it needs to be an open, collaborative, respectful partnership.

If you’d like more information, please enquire about our AFZ policy.

In their own words
It’s an odd fact that we can never accurately predict at the outset exactly what impact we will have on our clients’ results. Most often what we find when we look back on the first year together is that the problem that brought us together was actually a symptom of other problems they didn’t originally see.

One example of this is a retailer who came to us with a turnover problem. At the end of the first year, turnover was essentially unchanged– but it turns out that the people they had “HiredSmart” over the course of the year actually showed up to work, were far more productive, and did a far better job of serving the customer. Their higher standards of performance gradually displaced the old guard… with the result that store performance was vastly better across virtually every metric– except turnover. Better people yielded them “found money” – hundreds of thousands of dollars on the bottom line.


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