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Measuring what Matters: It’s all about delivering Return on Investment (ROI) There are lots of ways to start leveraging fit as a way to improve sales, reduce expenses, build efficiencies and boost your bottom line.


Right Solution

TalentSorter - your Online Interview Portal

TalentSorter is your dedicated Online Interview Portal. Custom designed for your needs and configured to work your preferences for managing candidate flow, TalentSeeker is your tool for prioritizing candidates, managing them through the screening and hiring process… and saving time. HiringSmart offers many different ways to configure your system to suit your organization’s needs.

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Drivers of Performance

Can you name with absolute certainty the two or three traits that will make or break the success of an individual in your organization?

If not, you are in good company.

HiringSmart’s Performance DNA (pDNA) Studies are specially geared to help you get at the heart of what matters – the drivers of fit and performance – in a position, a team, or an entire organization. The result? Sustained, day-in-and-day-out superior performance and results.

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HiringSmart provides a comprehensive array of assessment instruments that help you uncover the unique fit profile of each candidate. These assessment tools, evaluations and related products target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, coaching and management performance. Our assessments provide accurate, reliable data that helps managers lead, coach and motivate effectively; and helps all employees direct their efforts to achieving greater productivity and profitability.

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Speaking and Keynotes

Is your audience ready for some fresh thinking, or maybe for some fresh energy? Our speakers can make your event successful, educational and unforgettable - one everyone will enjoy.

HiringSmart's speakers share our research, observations and opinions at events throughout the year. Our unique case-based format uses real-life examples to entertain and educate audiences; a practical approach that leads to better business results for organizations.

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