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What the heck is an ‘Employment Brand’, and why do I care?
Your employment brand isn’t some high-falootin’ marketing exercise. It’s also not one of those lofty statements we like to make about why ours is the best place in the world to work. Candidates see straight through those, but they do want to know the truth about what it’s like to work for you so they can make an informed choice about whether yours is the right opportunity for them.

Your employment brand is simply what your people say it’s like to work there.
Your recruitment website is your first opportunity to communicate a clear employee value proposition that lets visitors answer the question, “Do I belong here?”.
Communicated honestly, these messages should be enticing to the employees you most want to speak to, and should prompt those who wouldn’t be a good fit to self-select out so they don’t waste your time or theirs.  No more piles of randomly sent résumés from uncommitted candidates taking up your time and energy.

Have your best people tell your story

Candidates will believe one of your employees over anything you might say, any day of the week. Let your people tell your story. What matters most to a candidate is what it will be like to work there… who they’ll be working with, how they’ll be spending their time, what’s expected, and so on. Make it easy for the visitor to decide if this is the right fit for them.

And when it’s your best people doing the talking – the ones you wish you could clone – they will naturally attract more people like them and entice them to apply.

Be seen by the right people.
If the right candidates cannot see you on the Internet, then you do not exist.  HiringSmart can help you manage your online employment brand, increase your exposure to the people you want to reach, and encourage these people to take action.  

Connect with people you’ve never connected with before
You want to meet top performers, not people who are good at getting hired. The people you want to meet are most likely currently employed elsewhere, but not in love with their job any more. They are typically better performers, more loyal and have better relationships at work. Heck, if they weren’t, they would have moved on by now.

Help them find you and let them decide whether you are potentially a better fit. You’ll be amazed who you’ll meet.

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