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Your Online Interview Portal
Once the candidate has made the decision that you may be the right employer for them, they start telling you about themselves by completing an online interview. All their information is entered directly into your recruitment portal and filed away for you to use when you need it.

Changes the way you prioritize candidates

Now instead of deciding who gets your attention based on the traditional filters of education, work experience and how well they pieced together a cover letter (factors that have no relationship with how good the employee will be or how long they’ll stay), you prioritize candidates first on the basis of the four critical aspects of fit.  The questions we load into the online interview will gather the information that matters most.

Changes who you invest your time in
Imagine not even knowing a candidate existed until after they had invested their own time in a full first interview. It takes seconds for a candidate to spam their résumé out to 50 potential employers, but to get your attention they actually need to put some skin in the game.

Now imagine being able to decide whether you want to meet that candidate, on the basis of things that actually matter – to you, to them, and to your bottom line.

You will find yourself in conversation with people you’d never have looked at on the basis of their résumé. And you’ll appreciate the difference in candidate quality immediately.

Changes how you manage the recruitment workflow

Your administrator’s dashboard allows you to manage all your communication with the candidate, advance the candidate through the steps of your process easily, administer assessments and keep all your notes in one place.

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