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Measuring what Matters: It’s all about delivering Return on Investment (ROI) There are lots of ways to start leveraging fit as a way to improve sales, reduce expenses, build efficiencies and boost your bottom line.

Building Candidate Engagement by Branding the Experience

The candidate should be the first one to opt in on the basis of fit. Our clients have learned time and again that if the candidate’s not engaged, the employee never will be.

Your customized recruitment center should share stories and testimonials from real employees to emotionally connect with the right potential employees. Your employment brand – descriptions of what it’s really like to work there – fosters your reputation as an employer of choice with the people that you most want to attract.

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Online Interview Portal

Behind your HiringSmart Candidate Engagement pages is your dedicated Online Interview Portal.  Custom designed for your needs and configured to work your preferences for managing candidate flow, this system is your tool for prioritizing candidates, managing them through the process… and saving time. HiringSmart offers many different ways to build your system to suit your organization’s needs.

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HiringSmart provides a comprehensive array of assessment instruments that help you uncover the unique fit profile of each candidate. These assessment tools, evaluations and related products target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, coaching and management performance. Our assessments provide accurate, reliable data that helps managers lead, coach and motivate effectively; and helps all employees direct their efforts to achieving greater productivity and profitability.

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