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Are Your Candidates Engaged?
Gone are the days when polished marketing materials and glowing claims had any appeal to potential candidates; in fact, the opposite is now true: those traditional approaches raise suspicion and doubt...

Fit is the single most reliable predictor of success.
Basing hiring decisions on Job Fit - and not the usual measures of 'Candidate Quality' - pays huge dividends in workplace productivity

Obtaining the Best from Your Employees
To get the best from your employees, your organization needs to know your human capital inventory well enough to make the best decisions and have the courage to take calculated risks to upgrade when t...

The Courage To Think Differently - And To Act!
For a very long time, we have been measuring things in hiring and recruitment that have little or no relevance outside HR... and that completely miss the boat when it comes to predicting employee enga...

The True Cost of Getting it Wrong
Nobody ever sets out to make a poor decision, and yet it happens all the time. Hiring mistakes are costly, resulting in either an untimely exit ? or worse, living with a bad decision. What are the h...

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Video: Attitudes Trump Competencies

chartSave your organization thousands of dollars in lost revenues and poor productivity in the workplace which are the results of a poor hire, by delving deeper into a candidates attitudes and beliefs

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