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Doubling Sales at a Medical Device Distribution Company

A medical device distribution organization hired Sales Associates to sell medical devices and experienced varying levels of success. While some Sales Associates were productive in the position, others were not. The organization wished to use the ProfileXT assessment to aid in candidate screening. Presented with this situation, a study was conducted to examine the relationship between Sales Associate performance and their scores on the ProfileXT.

Ten Medical Device Sales Associates participated in the study. Each Associate completed the ProfileXT and had their sales performance evaluated by the medical device distribution organization. Based upon the annual sales information supplied by the organization, four Sales Associates were identified as Top Performers and six were identified as Bottom Performers.

Job Match Pattern
Using a Concurrent Study format, a Job Match Pattern was developed for the Sales Associate position using the Sales Associates’ scores on the ProfileXT. This pattern serves as the benchmark to which other candidates may be matched.

Performance Groupings
Using the annual sales data gathered from the employer, Profiles International built a pattern that described the traits of the existing Top Performing Sales Associates in the sample. All ten Sales Associates were matched to the pattern. After reviewing the results, an overall Job Match Percent of 90% or greater was found to best identify Top Performing employees. This Job Match Percent serves as the benchmark to represent a good match to the Job Match Pattern.

This study demonstrated the pattern efficiently identifies Top Performers:

Of the ten Sales Associates in the sample, only four achieved a Job Match Percent of 90% or greater. All four of the Top Performing Sales Associates in this sample met or exceeded the 90% Job Match Pattern breakpoint while none of the Bottom Performers achieved the same 90% breakpoint.

The annual sales dollars generated by the four Top Performers in the sample averaged $668,762. During the same sales period, the Bottom Performing employees in the sample averaged $315,935 in sales. The Top Performing Sales Associates in the study averaged $352,828 more in sales than the Bottom Performing employees; more than double the average total sales earnings of the Bottom Performers. Additionally, this pattern has done an excellent job distinguishing the Top Performing Sales Associates from those who are Bottom Performers. In the sample, all Top Performers met or exceeded the Job Match Pattern bench mark while none of the Bottom Performers were able to achieve the same breakpoint.

The efficacy of the Job Match Pattern is evident; all four of the individuals who met or exceed the 90% Job Match Pattern benchmark were Top Performers, while all six individuals who did not meet the same mark were Bottom Performers. Moreover, by being able to better screen Sales Associate candidates, the medical device distribution organization more than doubled its sales revenue simply by selecting those candidates who possess a similar pattern of traits to those who are already successful in the position. Thus, the well-matched Sales Associate candidates are also more likely to enjoy success by being a good fit to the position.

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