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Hiring Tools: The Profiles Sales Assessment

Many people hired to sales positions lack the fundamental attributes essential to becoming top producers. It has become a common practice to hire people who present themselves well, have the ability to express themselves in words, and who seem to have the desire to succeed. Then, through on-the-job performance, they demonstrate whether or not their attributes actually match the position for which they were hired.

Unfortunately, more often than not, their performance is mediocre at best. Turnover in sales positions is generally high, as many people fail, regardless of the training they receive, motivational programs, and other efforts by sales managers to develop them. The fact is that about half of the people hired for sales positions do not fit and will never fit the job regardless of the effort to change their behavior and skills. Additionally, many of those with the potential for sales success are hired to sell the wrong product or service. A salesperson that does great, selling insurance, is likely to have difficulty selling used cars, for example.

Profiles International, Inc. has extensively researched the conditions that result in a high degree of frustration to sales managers and business owners – the challenges of building and maintaining effective sales organizations. We have developed an assessment tool for sales executives that can reduce their frustration, stress, and tension. Results of the assessment prove the principle that no amount of training, motivation, or personal attention can overcome a hiring mistake. It also provides a means of identifying people with undeveloped potential for success in sales and their detailed training needs.

Profile Sales Assessment™ gives sales organizations the information and power they need to blast through quotas and set new sales records. It is a multi-purpose sales management tool that helps you select the right people for sales positions, discovers the keys to motivation that inspire salespeople to aspire to greatness, and provides effective coaching tips and suggestions that develop the skills every successful salesperson must have.

Using a unique "Total person" approach, Profile Sales Assessment™ provides a detailed analysis of the attributes possessed by every member of your sales organization… and your sales candidates. It pinpoints the factors that make your top producers what they are and shows specifically where the others need coaching and training.

As a hiring tool, Profile Sales Assessment™ helps you identify sales candidates who already have the same attributes as your top people, eliminating costly hiring mistakes. It’s a fact that successful salespeople have similar qualities, broadly described as thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests. These things are accurately measured and quantified by Profile XT Sales™ and customized to fit the unique situation and circumstances of your sales team.

Busy sales managers don’t have time to implement complicated methods and systems. To be used, a method must be convenient and easy. Profile Sales Assessment™ is on the Internet and available 24/7 – no special training or skills are required. It is truly amazing that such a simple system can provide such amazing and productive results.

Profile Sales Assessment™ deals with the things that are important to success in sales and accurately predicts future sales performance and success. It is far more accurate than traditional hiring criteria such as education and past experience, and can validate impressions acquired during interviews or alert you to conflicts that might signal a hiring mistake.

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